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Google Penguin Recovery

It's been just over 2 months since the Google update Penguin 2.0 was unleashed, and the storm ...

Google Panda Recovery

In February 2011, Google took action against websites containing "low-quality", "thin" or duplicated...

Unnatural Link Penalty

The update in January and February of 2012 was one of the most significant updates Google ...

Backlink SEO Audit

The goal of an backlink audit is to ensure the effect performance of your SEO strategy ..

Manual Spam Action

Google has a team, called the Google webspam team, who reviews sites manually. When the team finds ...

Disavow Bad Links

When you've been hit by an algorithmic penalty where a site was penalized automatically ...

Reconsideration Request

The reconsideration request is a very important part of your response to any Google Webmaster Tools ...

Negative SEO Protection

There are defenses every webmaster should be armed with, with one of their best defenses being a site ...

Matt Cutts Recommends Link Removals!

Why Use Rank Rescue?

We help you manage and clean up your backlink profile. Google’s latest algorithm update “Penguin” was designed to punish websites with bad backlinks. We help by removing those bad links so that your website can regain its rankings.

Over 75% of all websites have potentially harming backlinks causing a loss in Google rankings. Is your website one of them? We can help reduce the number of bad links which can help increase rankings.

Check out the major benefits of using RankRescue:

    • Regain & Improve Your Original Rankings

Getting slapped in the face is never fun. Somehow, a digital slap from Google hurts even more! That is because your business is on the line. The good news is that it is not too late to reclaim your rightful spot in the search engines.Using disavowal and link removal services can steadily increase your rankings again so that you’ll be on the right track.

    • Save Yourself A Lot Of Time

Let us concentrate on all the link removal work for your company so that you can continue to run the day-to-day operations. You have the option to be involved as much or as little as you want. Either way, you’ll receive outstanding results.

    • Stay Updated & Monitor Our Progress

You’ll know exactly what stage we are working on for your website’s disavow process so put your mind at rest that you’ll never be left in the dark. After all, it is your business so you should feel that your money is well spent.

    • Get Back Onto Google’s Good Graces

It’s no secret that Google is the king of the search engines. Unfortunately, you’re currently being penalized by them, whether it was your fault or not. The good news is that you can work your way back so that you can reap the benefits of a high ranking position again!

    • Throw Spammy Links Into The Trash

Instead of spending thousands more dollars per month on finding a quality SEO provider, it is actually faster to identify, analyze, and throw out bad links. After your disavowal service, your website will only have relevant and targeted links so that your reputation online will be outstanding.

How We Rescue Your Rankings
The link removal process is very tedious and rather time consuming. There are better tasks you can do for your business, our team actually enjoys the process. The main reason is that we love it when our customers’ faces light up when they see their search engine rankings start to rise again. Read More

What Does It Cost to get Rescued?
Depending upon the number and type of links, we typically charge $10 per unique linking domain for the link removals. We have an initial set-up and analysis fee of $1,000 and require a deposit for the actual link removals.




How To Get Rid Of Bad Links – Top Facts

What can the web masters possibly do now? The sites being affected by the penguin update has caused whole lot of problems. Primary reason is the low quality backlinks that has led to the havoc. Take a better look all throughout your site now, check the link profile, and try to weed out all the unnatural type of backlinks that you witness there. Remove bad backlinks without any consideration further.

If your site is not affected by penguin, it is really good for you. Still, it is recommended that you do perform a complete scan for backlinks right away, as you could be a victim too tomorrow otherwise. Performing the link audit is to remove bad backlinks but is it that easier to get it done? Certainly not, but yet, it has to be done. If you approach the issue with a proper plan then it could be sorted out a bit easier too.

First step in removing unnatural links

How to spot?

  • Audit the links that come from the very new domains
  • removing unnatural links that come from domain that pose little traffic
  • Find the links that are coming from inferior quality sites

You could check it all from your backlink profile especially when there is an overlap in the characteristics, and then you should probably delete backlinks of that kind immediately.

All right now we have single out the complete list of back links, now what is the next step?

Most of the webmasters as well as see professionals are quite confused on what is to be done on those suspicious links that are leading to their site.

  • Can Google discount these links?
  • Just disavowing these links will be good enough?
  • Is there any warning that I should await for unnatural link?
  • Or should wait until the penguin slaps?

After distilling so many hundreds of case studies due this regard the final conclusion though is to use some of the techniques.

  • Just do nothing or respond to the link warning from Google as long as there is not any remarkable change in the traffic or else the rankings of your web pages
  • Request back link removal services for specialised attention towards link removal
  • Use the Google’s latest link disavow tool. Still remember this fact that you should try removing bad links Google already before attempting to use this tool

Likewise we have seen various methods on how to get rid of bad links, now let us go to the basics again. If you are serious about getting back the site to the normal condition it was before the penguin attack, it is important that you do focus keenly upon the unnatural links penalty recovery tasks, in the first place.

Secondly improve the content of the site without any plagiarism at all. It is why removing bad links Google is alone not sufficient most of the times. Still it could be tough to drive in the amount of traffic that you were getting once. Still it could be tougher to gain any higher page rankings in the search engine. It is why you should start to focus upon other essential aspects like the loading speed of the site and the content quality.

Delete Links From Google Index – Salient Facts

White hat seo techniques that can gain you the higher SERPs are the ideal method of approach towards permanent success. If you are choosing any shortcuts in any way then there is going to be a menace all the time. Yes, especially after the penguin update from Google you should be bearing the consequences like to fix Google penalty later on. It could be worse by then, for you to worry about the issue altogether. Prevention is better than cure. If you are not warned for your bad backlinks yet from the Google panda or the penguin recently, then you are quite lucky though. It does not mean that your site is completely perfect though. Partner up with a seo service or reputed seo firm for link removal service to get the bad ones eliminated.

Yes, it is an operation to trim the bush. Just like the plants and trees, it is good for the site too. Removal links Google of the unwanted kind will improve the rankings of the site altogether. Traffic could be better in that way rather than what you are getting otherwise. It leads to pure quality traffic alone. People who are interested in the subject area will alone visit your site. The whole of the operation is done for a good cause after great deal of thought from the experts in the trade.

Removal links Google of the bad kind with effective seos only. The incumbent should be capable of addressing to the issue in the first place. Sheer talent and adequate expertise is the key. Google penalty removal services will not cost you dearer if the site is not too complicated or there is too many black hat techniques involved in the building. If it is so then you got to rebuild the whole of the site completely and optimise it from the scratch as takes a getting to do so.

To Remove Unnatural Links to Your Site will be the first step in that. Yet when you say that there are black hat techniques involved in the fray already, you might well have to delete links from Google completely. To do that and rebuild links again of the healthy kind will altogether take a good amount of time. When you try to delete links from Google index and then connect with the reputed sites that are having higher SERPs, and respected in the society for their genuineness, then the overall attempts towards success could take months together.

The costs to remove links from Google as well as the rebuilding of the whole site and then effective optimization will all put together come out as a huge bill to be paid to the link removal service. Ideally there is no other choice either. You cannot neglect Google as it is the prime most search engine to drive in traffic to your site. You could seek the help of other giants in service too. To fix Google penalty is still the ideal approach at any given day. You cannot live without meriting their consideration at any given point of time and it is quite obvious in the present day scenario. Google penalty removal could happen if and only if you Remove Unnatural Links to Your Site and get it rebuilt to perfection completely.