Backlink Profile/SEO Audit

We begin by first checking the status of your backlinks portfolio. By utilizing multiple tools and resources we obtain all of the links associated with your site. Google Webmaster Tools(GWT) has enhanced it’s backlink report, which still follows a more historical insight to the backlinks of a website. Although it’s historical data, it seems as though some of the links provided by GWT may have been removed and the list isn’t as fresh as Majestic SEO’s tool is. Majestic SEO offers both a fresh index as well as a historical index.

To remove low-quality links, it is crucial to associate a rating with those links. This is a very monotonous and time consuming task that involves us going to each and every page that contains a link to your site, and then judge if it’s relevant or appropriate when compared to your site. The links are sometime organized:

  • Target URL: The page on the website the link is pointing
  • Source URL: The original source of the inbound links
  • Source Rank: A score of quality of the link in reference to authority of the referring page webpage and the relevance to your site.
  • Source Crawl Date: The actual date the information was picked up
  • Anchor Text: The text that is used as an anchor in the link
  • Image Link: is the link is an image
  • ALT Text: Descriptive text if the link is an image
  • Nofollow: is a nofollow attribute on the link
  • Redirect: does a redirect occurs as part of the link
  • Frame: if the link is inside a frame

Why Get Rank Rescue To Help?

Save Time

Let us concentrate on all the link removal work for your company so that you can continue to run the day-to-day operations.

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In February 2011, Google took action against websites containing “low-quality”, “thin” or duplicated…

Fix Google Warning

It’s no secret that Google is the king of the search engines. Unfortunately, you’re currently being penalized by them, whether it was your fault or not.

Monitor Results

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Remove Bad Links

Instead of spending thousands more dollars per month on finding a quality SEO provider, it is actually faster to identify, analyze, and throw out bad links.

Expert Analysis

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